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New Protections Proposed for Employees of Insolvent Employers in Ireland

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employers' insolvency

Employers’ Insolvency

The Irish government has introduced the general scheme of the Protection of Employees (Employers’ Insolvency) (Amendment) Bill 2024, aiming to enhance protections for employees affected by employer insolvency. This proposal includes significant updates to safeguard workers’ financial and employment rights.

Key Provisions of the Proposed Bill:

1. Historical Claims:    – The bill proposes to allow employees to make historical claims dating back to October 1983. This provision will be available for a two-year window following the bill’s commencement, enabling workers who were previously unable to claim to seek redress .

2. Enhanced Financial Security:    – The amendments aim to provide greater financial security for employees where there is Employers’ Insolvency. This includes ensuring timely payment of outstanding wages, holiday pay, and other entitlements from the Insolvency Payments Scheme.

3. Streamlined Claims Process:    – The bill introduces measures to streamline the claims process for employees. This includes reducing administrative burdens and improving the efficiency of claims handling to ensure quicker resolution and payment.

4. Employer Accountability:    – New guidelines and regulations will be established to hold employers more accountable for maintaining sufficient funds and insurance to cover potential insolvencies. This aims to protect employees from financial loss due to employer mismanagement.

Implications for Employers and Employees:

– Employers will need to ensure they comply with the new regulations, including maintaining adequate financial reserves and insurance coverage. This may require adjustments to financial planning and risk management strategies to align with the new legal requirements.    – Employees stand to benefit from increased financial protection and the ability to claim for historical entitlements. The streamlined process will help ensure that employees receive their due payments more efficiently, reducing the financial strain during Employers’ Insolvency.

The proposed bill is part of the Irish government’s broader effort to strengthen workers’ rights and provide better financial security. These changes reflect a commitment to protecting employees and ensuring fair treatment in cases of employer insolvency.

Stakeholders, including employers and employees, are encouraged to participate in the consultation process to provide feedback on the proposed amendments. This collaborative approach aims to refine the bill and ensure it effectively addresses the needs of all parties involved.

For further details on the Protection of Employees (Employers’ Insolvency) (Amendment) Bill 2024 and its implications, refer to the latest government publications and announcements.


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